Just Perfect To Stay Like This

We are just too perfect with our similarities & differences, too perfect that we can't let go of our friendship for who knows wat lies beyond.

Days, weeks, and months are becoming moments
Moments that we wished we have spent more time before
Hayy syet, staahhp! 

No Return

Stop na.
No more turning back

The Present is the Past

Random Thoughts (Again)

Deleted thousands of messages
Was able to face it with easiness
Hoping there was nothing given
Hoping there was nothing remembered
Was able to overcome the past
Was able to overcome the usual
An observer of behavior
Is like giving meaning to things that should not be given any meaning
Should I ask?
Or should I not?
Fear is always there
That rejection and I cannot bear
But for me to know the present I must understand the past

Again and Again


Like No Other

You make the person smile
Like no other does

Like no other...

It's Been A While

Thank God bebeng is out! But I continue praying for those families who were greatly affected with the flood. I really pity those families who worked hard for their farms.

Wow! It's May already and it's nearly half of 2011.
So far so good, it's never a question that God is always good! Blessings here and there.
Thank you Google (♥_♥) for being cooperative.

When Bebeng was pouring down too much rain outside and there was no power, I was able to clean out my inbox. Well at least some of them. Four thousand messages is very tiresome to check, whether which of them are approved for omission.

Happy to read some of them, but somehow got sad with most of them. Some of them I stored for years and some are for months. I thought that deleting them would be as easy as Marking All of them at once, but I was completely wrong. BUT, the good news is.. I was able to delete approximately 1,000 messages (i think), that's an achievement right?? That leaves me around 3 thousand messages more to delete. It's still an achievement!

Well good luck to me, I guess I should not open them anymore, Mark them all at once and hit the DELETE button.

I almost forgot, it's May, so that means I have something to finish something before June starts! I pray for wisdom dear God!

P.S. It's always better to write down things that you need to do. Once you write down tasks / goals / happiness and sadness, it's a way of affirming yourself. So stay positive, think positive to do positive things plus always pray for everything that you do.